A downloadable game for Windows


This is a game all about progression, you will start from nothing and slowly build up an entire base, equip new equipment and discover new worlds.


  • Random level generation
  • Several harvestable resources
  • 3 different world to explore
  • 9 unique resources
  • 16 different building with a range of uses
  • Several settings to edit for tons of replayability
  • Health and dangers!
  • Hardcore mode for additional difficult

What is it?

You start this game with nothing but yourself and the world which is randomly generated around you. At first you will need to gather stuff for yourself, but over time you will automate this gathering process. Building your first bench takes little time, then from there you will need to work through the various other buildings which will each unlock new possibilities for you, including new resources, new buildings or new dimensions.


The angels first fell to earth hundreds of years ago. The leader of the angels was know as Hanchi and ruled with utter devastation. Hanchi's court decided that the population of the angels most sacred city was growing too quickly and decided to send a group of them to live there lives on earth as mortal men. The angels expected resistance so they wiped the minds of those being made mortal. Thats when you awoke. Every day its the same dream, every single day. You remove your hand from your pocket to reveal it clutching something tightly. The lightstone. A rock made of pure sunlight, sacred to the angels beyond belief. For you had not forgotten nor would you forget. You pick up your axe and head out into the world determined to find a way back.

Install instructions

Game should work simply by running the .exe file. All assets are maintained within the file itself.


Ascendance.exe 643 kB


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I really like this game it has a ton of potential is it cool if I play it for a few lets play videos?

Hey man! First of all thank you for your feedback it is appreciated! Please feel free to make videos on this game, I would love to see them so if you do end up making any, could you send me a link (comment it here or email me at aran.wilkinson101@gmail.com)

I would also like to possibly offer you access to an in-dev version of the game with tons more features! However this would be an development build so is more likely to contain bugs or design floors! However it does add the ability to save and load the game along side with ALOT of content such as 2 new realms and about 25 new buildings etc as well as improved performance!

Thanks again
-Aran (Kungfue)