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Basic outline

Based on real events, A Faceless Friend tells the story of its developer Aran and his friend Monii. The pair met online and shared a unique relationship when Monii shows an interest in the games Aran has been creating and posing online.

This game will allow you to play through each game posted online in order as the relationship between the pair develops. 

The game is made up of several smaller games and will take the player on a journey through each of them one at a time. There are 5 games in total and around an hours worth of game play if you fully explore the game.

This game was heavily inspired by The beginners Guide and I would highly recommend you check it out. You can find  it here http://store.steampowered.com/... Davey Wreden is an amazing developer and deserves way more attention than he gets.

The graphics in this game are inspired by Roger Dean (The guy who designed alot of the art style for James Cameron's Avatar) and The Hobbit movies (Specifically Erebor/The lonely mountain).


The first game you will play is "Drop down" which is a simple dodge the falling blocks game with minimal graphics. although simple the game will get the player used to the controls of the game and introduce them to the story.

The second game is "Burger bar" which will set the player up as a cook in a restaurant. As the cook you will have to look at the chef and copy the burger which he is thinking about. You will have 60 seconds to make as many burgers as possible, the player can try this game as many times as they like to try and get the highest score.

The third game player will come across is "egg factory" which is a cookie clicker clone. You are the owner of a chicken farm and must acquire as many eggs as possible, you start with only one chicken but quickly acquire more and start to upgrade your barn, install new egg sucking technology and even genetically modify your chickens to make them lay faster! The final goal of this game is to get to chicken heaven which can be bought after getting a large number of eggs!

The forth game is "Wizards workshop" in which the player is put up against an evil wizard. The wizard uses the power in his workshop to slowly drain your health and its up to you to use the potions on his shelves to stay alive and kill him! Each potion has a different effect and it will take a few games to fully master! Potion effects include damaging the wizard, damaging one of the two of you randomly or even changing all the potions on the shelves.

The final game which you can play is "Eradication" which is a top down 2D tile based tank shooter. You as the officer in charge of the tank will navigate around the globe to complete missions in several different locations including Brazil, Iraq, Russia and even a training course.


When you play A Faceless Friend you are already supporting me, however you can support me further by donating to my paypal. I made these games for people to enjoy however it took me many hours to create and I would appreciate any donations made, just spend as much as you feel like when you download the game or you can email me at aran.wilkinson101@gmail.com the same address if you wish to donate in another way for example bank transfer.

Minimum requirements
A Faceless Friend has several minimum requirements which it needs to run.

-  ~1 GB of RAM

-  350 MB of free available disk space

-  Windows operating system (7 & 10 have been tested, others should work fine)

If you have any questions regarding this game you can email me at aran.wilkinson101@gmail.com

Install instructions

All files are contained within the exe file itself, that is why the game will only run on windows based systems. The game should just work when downloaded and launched. You should allow the file to be ran and it should work.


AFacelessFriend.exe 293 MB

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